What’s Playing on Battle.net: January 2022

January 05, 2023

Once more has World of Warcraft’s Black Temple opened, and once more shall the champions of Azeroth clash with its cruel master, Illidan Stormrage. Ready yourself to face the challenges of the coming days (along with the Burning Legion) by planning out what you’d like to play on Battle.net. WORLD OF WARCRAFTNow live: Burning Crusade Classic content updatePrepare to both delve into The Black Temple and scale Mount Hyjal in the latest Burning Crusade Classic update. Find out how to gain entry to Hyjal Summit and The Black Temple here. [LEARN MORE]HEARTHSTONELive now: Join the battle for Alterac ValleyCompete for honor and free rewards in Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley!

The source of this news is from Blizzard Entertainment