Victory for Splash Damage at the OneBigGame football tournament!

May 24, 2023

So, when we heard that Rare and Microsoft were putting together a football tournament to raise money for SpecialEffect, we jumped at the chance to participate. That football tournament was One Big Game: A 24-hour marathon involving 24 teams from across the UK games industry, held at St George’s Park (the home of all 23 of England’s national football teams) and streamed live on Twitch. So, we took along our video team to capture the day:On the dayOur match kicked off at 10:45am, so we had to leave Splash Damage HQ at the bleary-eyed time of 6am. However, as the coach pulled into St George’s Park and we saw the Three Lions badge, any tiredness was replaced with sheer excitement. The end resultPre-match banter aside, Playtonic were true sportsmen and women and an excellent team to play against.

The source of this news is from Splash Damage