Victoria 3 Hits Half Million Sales Milestone Less Than A Month After Release

January 05, 2023

Award Nominated Strategy Game Soon To Receive Major UpdateSTOCKHOLM - November 29, 2022 - Paradox Interactive’s critically acclaimed grand strategy simulation, Victoria 3, has sold 500,000 units since its release on October 25, making it one of the most successful launches in Paradox history. The game will also receive a series of major updates, adding greater historical immersion, more diplomatic options and better military planning. Nominated for “Best Sim/Strategy” game at The Game Awards, Victoria 3 is a sandbox simulation of the world between 1836 and 1936, a century of rapid technological innovation, social transformation and political revolution. Players who want to support Victoria 3 at The Game Awards can vote here. We are committed to supporting Victoria 3 and will continue to add more content to the game.”Over the last month, Victoria 3 players have transformed their globe in many different ways.

The source of this news is from Paradox Interactive