Twitch Game Cover Art to be Powered by IGDB

January 05, 2023

However, there was one piece of game metadata that so far has been managed separately – cover art. Currently, to update the cover art displayed on Twitch, the game’s developer or publisher needs to register as a Twitch Developer Organization and claim the game via the Twitch developer console. Once approved, they can upload the cover art (sometimes referred to as box art) from the “Games” section of the console. This introduces a number of benefits to developers and publishers:A single source of truth for game cover artAbility to rely on community cover art contributionsImproved user experience for games that are no longer actively managedFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat will happen to my game’s cover art on November 17? You may submit a cover art contribution to IGDB in preparation for this change.

The source of this news is from Twitch