Twitch Developer Day 2021: Introducing Game Engine Plugins, EventSub WebSockets, and More

January 05, 2023

Here are some other options:Twitch Developer Day 2021, a virtual event to celebrate the developer community and share the latest third-party developer product updates, took place recently on December 9. Introducing Twitch Game Engine PluginsEvery day millions of viewers connect with and support their favorite streamers across the globe with follows, subscriptions, cheers, chat, Channel Points, polls, and predictions. Introducing EventSub WebSocketsDuring the last Developer Day, we introduced EventSub, our transport-neutral real-time events product. To that end, we were thrilled to work with whitep4nth3r for the moderation APIs, Lana_Lux for the Unity Twitch game engine plugin, Soaryn for EventSub websockets in Unity, and LuckyNoS7evin for polls and predictions with EventSub websockets. If you joined chat in any of the channels during Twitch Developer Day, we appreciate you being there and celebrating with us!

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