Together for Legendary Women

March 09, 2023

Here are some other options:All across Twitch you’ll find legendary women doing legendary things, every single day. This month, we’re coming together to celebrate Legendary Women, all of the ways they bring us together, and everything they bring to Twitch every day, all year long. Starting today, and throughout the month, check out the Together for Legendary Women shelf on the front page to meet, celebrate, and support women changing the game on Twitch. Creator Camp: Positive Representation of Women via Streaming on TwitchDon’t miss this live Creator Camp to hear from some of your favorite women streamers as they talk about their experiences on Twitch and how streaming helps positively represent women in gaming. So this Women’s History Month, and every month, come join us in showing up for, supporting, and celebrating women streamers on Twitch.

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