Take Survival to the Next Level in Stranded: Alien Dawn with the Sow and Sell Early Access Update

March 30, 2023

From today, Stranded: Alien Dawn players can explore a brand new Trading Outpost scenario as part of the latest major update to arrive for all early access players. The thrilling scenario invites players to expand their survivors’ horizons by recruiting workers, farming resources, and establishing a thriving trade from their new base. Alongside trading, players will also be able to select an entrepreneurial new survivor, Vicente Santiago, for their group. Follow Stranded: Alien Dawn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, or visit www.strandedaliendawn.com for more information. For full details of the update, visit: strandedaliendawn.com/news/sow-and-sell-update-out-now

The source of this news is from Frontier