Summer Camp

January 05, 2023

We gathered around with some of the Amber’s mentors and after a little bit of brainstorming we put together a workshop for university students and a curriculum for a Summer Camp — the Amber Academy already became an entity. It was refreshing to see how interested the students are in this field, and from their interaction with the mentors during the courses, we could tell that this game aficionados were quite eager to discover as much as they could — The game development Summer Camp was a must! By June we announced the Summer Camp, which was bound to take place in the last week of June and the first one of July, organized for the two groups of students. Future PlansOur next move will be to organize the Engineering internship for some of the students that took part in the Summer Camp. We are also planning a more diverse Summer Camp in 2019, one that will tackle areas such as personal development and leadership.

The source of this news is from Amber