Sega® And Rovio Join Forces In Mobile Gaming Crossover Event

March 15, 2024

Transmedia is a core strategy for Rovio and a vision shared by the parent company, SEGA. Both companies have iconic intellectual properties with roots in gaming, seeing success in everything from licensed products to feature films. This crossover exemplifies the strength and versatility of Sonic and Angry Birds, extending beyond gaming to offer a valuable experience for players and fans of both IPs. Rovio’s VP of Transmedia, Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala, comments, “We are lucky to be a part of a company that values brands, being home to some of the most memorable gaming IPs ever. “With our inaugural crossover collaboration with Rovio, we aspire to unite devoted fans from both IPs while welcoming fresh audiences into the fold.”The Sonic x Angry Birds crossover event is live March 14-21.

The source of this news is from Rovio