Riot’s Korea Office and the Cultural Heritage Protection Project

February 01, 2024

It makes sense for us to contribute to the protection of our cultural heritage, which serves as the foundation of culture. Recognizing an opportunity to act as a bridge between cultural heritage and the younger generation, given our predominantly young player base, we believed we could establish a positive and accessible connection between Korea’s cultural heritage and Korean players." So the Cultural Heritage Protection Project (a.k.a 문화재 지킴이 project) was born in mid-2012. “As of 2022, an estimated 230,000 pieces of Korean cultural heritage were scattered across 27 countries,” said Yong Ki Jang, the Deputy Director of the Cultural Heritage Administration in Korea. Cultural heritage serves as a crucial historical and cultural testament, providing valuable insights into the philosophy, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle of the community that produced these cultural artifacts.”The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) is a part of the South Korean government functioning as an administrative body overseeing Korea’s natural heritage.

The source of this news is from Riot Games