Riot Games Celebrates Filipino History Month and Culture

January 05, 2023

SAMA SAMAOctober is Filipino American History Month, which marks the anniversary of the first arrival of Filipinos in America at Morro Bay, California in the 1500s. The theme this year was “Sama Sama” which means “all together” in Tagalog, a fitting theme for the first-year celebrations returned in person after two years of virtual events. Riot is Coming Closer to Filipino PlayersThis may be Filipino American History Month but it’s a celebration of Filipino culture that naturally begins in the Philippines. Bringing Cultures Together at a Night MarketWith Filipino American History Month overlapping Latin American Heritage Month, FAR and Riot Unidos teamed up to host a Night Market for Rioters at our LA office. The evening featured local, delicious Latin American & Filipino food like pupusas from Vchos and Lumpiang Shanghai from Big Boi.

The source of this news is from Riot Games