People Can Fly updates strategy, will focus on self-publishing. the group’s goal is to generate cumulative revenues of at least PLN 3.0 billion In 2023–2027

February 01, 2023

Warsaw, 31 January 2023The management board of PCF Group S.A. has adopted a development strategy update for the company and the People Can Fly group. The group’s strategic goal is to generate at least PLN 3.0 billion in cumulative revenues in 2023–2027. This will occur under the condition that the group earns a cumulative EBITDA in 2023–2027 of PLN 1.5 billion. According to Satoko Jenkins, CFO of People Can Fly, “The company’s strategic aim is to generate cumulative revenue in 2023–2027 of at least PLN 3.0 billion. ***DisclaimerThis document has been prepared by PCF Group S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (“PCFG”) to provide a general overview of the PCFG Group (“PCFG Group”) through a set of selected highlights.

The source of this news is from People Can Fly