People Can Fly (PCF Group S.A.) intensifies recruitment in Cracow and Lviv

January 05, 2023

Warsaw, 21 January 2022People Can Fly doesn’t slow down with its recruitment efforts and strengthens them in two new cities – Lviv in Ukraine and Cracow in Poland. Currently PCF isn’t planning to open new studios in those locations, but isn’t ruling out the possibility in the near future. Our priority is to make our company constantly move forward, to be “full of life”, hence new initiatives.” – comments Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly. In Cracow we succeeded in creating a team, which we intend to grow with a new project in mind.” – adds Wojciechowski. In December PCF announced the acquisition of Incuvo, a studio from Katowice, Poland, which will be cooperating with the Group on a new project in VR technology.

The source of this news is from People Can Fly