Peggy Johnson Pledges to Commit to Supporting an Inclusive Workplace

January 05, 2023

Along with 2,200 other CEOs, Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson has joined CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion. In an effort to further strengthen our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) at Magic Leap, Johnson signed the pledge to commit to supporting an inclusive workplace. CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion aims to rally the business community to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Since joining Magic Leap as CEO, Johnson has made DEIB a cornerstone of our learning and development program, and established accountability goals across the executive management team. Recently, she helped create and launch a company-wide DEIB e-learning course that highlights the importance of fostering an inclusive culture at Magic Leap.

The source of this news is from Magic Leap