PCF GROUP (PEOPLE CAN FLY) ultimately offers series F shares almost entirely to KRAFTON. The value of the offering is over pln 134 million.

July 11, 2023

1 June 2023After conducting the book-building process, PCF Group has decided to offer about 3.34 million series F shares at a price of PLN 40.20 per share. The strategic target of PCF Group is to generate at least PLN 3 billion in combined revenues in 2023–2027, nearly five times more than in 2018–2022. Contracts of this type provide financial stability for PCF Group and also room for experimentation and growth. A week ago PCF Group reported on the ongoing negotiations for conclusion of a development and publishing contract with a renowned global publisher. The shares of PCF Group, which owns the People Can Fly studio, have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since December 2020.

The source of this news is from People Can Fly