Outriders receives a massive update titled New Horizon. “Outriders Worldslayer” expansion release scheduled for 2022

January 05, 2023

Also announced was a new expansion pack for the game: Outriders Worldslayer to be released in 2022. The reveal of the expansion is to be presented in the spring 2022. A New Horizon / Worldslayer trailer can be viewed here:https://youtu.be/eGKcnUF1LKkOutriders New Horizon offers the players four new Expeditions and significant changes to the gameplay. The content-rich update culminates months of work on improving Outriders, driven also by the players community suggestions. The New Horizon represents the most complete version of Outriders to date, and provides an important foundation for the new expansion to be released next year.

The source of this news is from People Can Fly