Niantic Celebrates First Year of 8th Wall + Niantic

March 11, 2023

Within three months of the launch of Lightship VPS, the teams were able to quickly release Lightship VPS for Web, which allows anyone to create webAR content and anchor it to a specific location with incredible precision. Together, we’ve also helped our 8th Wall team scale their business, becoming the go-to destination for consumers to experience webAR, as well as supporting more than 2,500 commercial experiences to date with top brands like Bloomingdales, Coca-Cola and Burger King. Since the beginning of the company, Niantic has set out to build AR technology that enables people to connect to others, discover new places, and play with friends in the real world. With the acquisition of 8th Wall, we’ve been able to provide the tools and services that developers want and need to create more AR experiences for everyone to enjoy. But as we drive our industry forward, we are excited to continue to find ways to power AR everywhere with 8th Wall.

The source of this news is from Niantic