New live event "Traitor's Moon: The Dark is Rising" launches for Hunt: Showdown

January 05, 2023

For 21 days until April 14th, the "Traitor's Moon: The Dark Is Rising" live event offers players rewards for completing challenges, solving clues, looting corpses, and smashing effigies. A new DLC pack, "The Meridian Turncoat," offers players a new Legendary Hunter and Legendary Weapons to help them lead the charge for rewards during the event. Launching alongside the Traitor's Moon Live Event is The Meridian Turncoat DLC. The "Traitor's Moon Event Bundle" features a new Legendary Choke Bomb, "Cicada," 1000 Event Points, and a 24 Hours Chary's Contract at a 15% discount. Players can find out more about the latest live event and the game by visiting

The source of this news is from Crytek