Magic Leap collaborates with NVIDIA to advance digital twins for enterprise

June 20, 2023

Magic Leap is pioneering immersive, photorealistic, ray-traced digital twins in NVIDIA OmniverseTM to create new efficiencies and value in engineering, architecture, retail, and other industries. Magic Leap began its collaboration with NVIDIA to find a way to enable off-board computing and streaming of 1:1 scale 3D digital models to Magic Leap 2. Magic Leap created an Omniverse extension that renders content to Magic Leap 2 from the most common enterprise modeling tools, such as Autodesk Maya, without the need for conversions or optimizations. By simply clicking "View on Magic Leap", an image is rendered on the server and streamed to Magic Leap 2, where it is instantly displayed for the user in the correct position, orientation, and scale. If you’re interested in working with Magic Leap to deploy digital twins in your business, please contact David Chu at [email protected] or Connor Smith at [email protected].

The source of this news is from Magic Leap