Made with Unity Monthly: January 2023 roundup

February 25, 2023

To start, we celebrated the return of a classic as Colossal Cave was released in VR. Death in the Water 2 by Lighthouse Games also launched, and it’s proving to be quite a terrifying experience. Finally, it’s great to see so many Made with Unity games nominated for the upcoming Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ D.I.C.E. The nominees include:Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, IMMORTALITY, and MARVEL SNAP for Mobile Game of the YearTUNIC and NORCO for Adventure Game of the YearCosmonious High, Tentacular, and The Last Clockwinder for Immersive Reality Game of the YearMARVEL SNAP for Online Game of the YearSpiderHeck for Fighting Game of the YearDisney Dreamlight Valley, Lost in Play, and Trombone Champ for Family Game of the YearCitizen Sleeper for Role-Playing Game of the YearIXION, Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, and Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters for Strategy/Simulation Game of the YearOlliOlli World for Sports Game of the YearNeon White for Action Game of the YearIMMORTALITY, Neon White, and TUNIC for Outstanding Achievement for an Independent GameAmong Us VR, Cosmonious High, and The Last Clockwinder for Immersive Reality Technical AchievementMARVEL SNAP and TUNIC for Outstanding Achievement in Game DesignSomerville for Outstanding Achievement in Audio DesignCuphead: The Delicious Last Course for Outstanding Achievement in AnimationIMMORTALITY and TUNIC for Outstanding Achievement in Game DirectionIMMORTALITY, NORCO, and I Was a Teenage Exocolonist for Outstanding Achievement in StoryWe share new releases or milestone spotlights every Monday through @UnityGames on Twitter.