Joshua Santana joins PCF Group S.A. as a Chief People Officer

January 05, 2023

Warsaw, 26 November 2021Joshua will be overseeing the Company’s people team, and be responsible for implementation of strategy, programs, and processes globally. Arrival of Joshua Santana as a Chief People Officer at People Can Fly is a clear sign of the studio’s global ambitions, as well as further integration of the human resources management across all its locations. Previously, Joshua Santana Joshua was the HR Director for Mirum & Mirum Shopper US, a subsidiary of Jay Walter Thompson, where he was responsible for the HR practice, employee culture of the organization and the employee performance programs. Directly before joining PCF, Joshua’s role was Head of Talent & Development for Wunderman Thompson North America, part of the WPP Group. For this company he oversaw employee engagement programs such as the employee appraisal program, management training, and employee onboarding.

The source of this news is from People Can Fly