Hunt: Showdown's biggest live event ever, "Serpent Moon," launches today!

January 05, 2023

Running for 60 days until September 25, the "Serpent Moon" live event brings a supernatural infestation of snakes to the bayou. All players who join the "Serpent Moon" event will be able to play with a new Legendary Hunter, "Viper." The premium Gilded Path tier offers everything from the standard Gilded Path option plus 3000 Event points to speed up progress. All players can earn up to 11 rewards during the 60 days of the "Serpent Moon." Launching alongside the Serpent Moon Live Event is a ‘Serpent Moon’ bundle which includes – "They Came from Salem" and the brand new DLC "The Prescient" – which when players play as these Hunters they will benefit from an event point boost – plus new Legendary Weapons.

The source of this news is from Crytek