How Riot Esports Delivers Worlds 2022 Broadcast to a Global Audience

January 05, 2023

“We work on a world feed model similar to something like The Olympics or The World Cup,” said Sam Chaimson, Manager of Live Broadcast Production at Worlds. “Our broadcast days start a few days before anything goes live,” says Eamon Frasher, Manager of Live Broadcast Production. Every night, after the broadcast, the esports production team holds a debrief meeting to talk about everything that happened and some of the stories coming up the next day. “Sometimes we have a game like GAM Esports upsetting TOP Esports and it’s like, ‘well, scrap that, we’re just going to talk about this game,’” Eamon said. When Worlds is in Europe or North America, the primary broadcast is handled by a collaboration between Europe’s LEC and NA’s LCS.

The source of this news is from Riot Games