Homa's Hybridcasual division to boost engagement & revenue for games

January 05, 2023

We are strengthening the Hybridcasual division to provide game creators with more expertise and tech to build successful Hybridcasual games. Homa's hybridcasual division opened a year ago, has published four chart-topping titles since then, and has seen a 700x increase in hybridcasual downloads in a year. Today, we are doubling down on the department to bring more experts and tailored tech to game creators to boost engagement & revenues for their games. Overall, Homa's hybridcasual division supports hybridization of games from ideation to launch by leveraging team’s expertise and Homa Lab’s new features. With the opportunity to submit their ideas and work with Homa's experienced team, game creators have the chance to turn their concepts into successful hybridcasual hits.

The source of this news is from Homa Games