Homa readies web3 tech for game creators and players, community skyrockets

January 05, 2023

Building on Homa tech, which has empowered more than 1000 game creators, we are preparing the release of the web3 tools suite, allowing developers to leverage our thriving community and create new engaging gaming experiences. Plus, we will allow players to own their characters, develop special features, use them across the different game experiences, and have the possibility to transfer ownership to other players. This is a great opportunity for game creators, as they will have a chance to expand their reach into this community by launching games that feature interoperable game assets. Focusing on the game rather than the tech, developers will create even more new experiences with the Homa Gang's characters. They aren't adding web3 for the sake of it but to keep expanding the technology platform they offer to game developers.

The source of this news is from Homa Games