Homa raises 100 million to supercharge developers fortunes

January 05, 2023

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Nathan and Olivier Le Bas, Homa develops technologies to empower game developers across the world, increasing efficiency through every step of the app production and publishing cycle. Homa Lab makes this speed possible, thanks to our tech platform that delivers market insights, ideas, analytics, and A/B testing capabilities to studios. Creators can start using Homa Lab and go from building their first prototype to monetizing and optimizing the growth of their first hit, all within the same platform. Homa Lab will be a key area of investment, with significant releases expected to add further value to the creators’ toolkit in the coming months. Among these games, Merge Master was launched by Homa in January 2022 and quickly became the most downloaded mobile game in the world.

The source of this news is from Homa Games