Homa and 8SEC Join Forces to Accelerate Hybridcasual Growth

July 06, 2023

Homa and 8SEC collaborate to enhance and launch Merge Army, an upcoming hybridcasual mobile game that will be released in September. As pioneers in the hybridcasual genre, this strategic partnership reinforces both companies' leadership positions in this landscape. Homa is proud to announce its strategic partnership with 8SEC, a pioneering game studio in the hybridcasual space renowned for creating innovative gaming experiences. According to the Hybridcasual Games Playbook by Homa and Sensor Tower, 2022 hybridcasual games gathered over 5 billion downloads, a 3% increase from 2021. Aware of this context, 8SEC and Homa will work together to enhance and launch Merge Army, an eagerly anticipated hybridcasual game set for release in September.

The source of this news is from Homa Games