Homa acquires RisingHigh Academy

January 05, 2023

Homa Games has acquired RisingHigh Academy to provide innovative content and resources for mobile game developers. In November 2021, Homa Games acquired Ducky Games studio to reinforce our in-house capabilities. RisingHigh Academy—Taking the game design to the next levelToday, the RisingHigh Academy is a first-class community of over 800 mobile game developers boasting the world's biggest library of training content. The platform offers game design courses, online level design workshops, leading publisher insights, an exclusive private community, and a weekly Hypercasual (HC) game design show deconstructing the latest trends and best practices. The success of the RisingHigh Academy could not go unrecognized, so Homa Games decided to launch their academy with the help of Kevin's experience and knowledge.

The source of this news is from Homa Games