Gender Pay Gap 2022

April 05, 2023

This will help us build a more balanced workforce, and in turn, contribute to closing the gender pay gap and boosting representation in leadership at Splash, and throughout the industry.”Richard Jolly, CEOWhat is the Gender Pay Gap Report? Enacted in 2017, the UK Government’s Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting legislation is an amendment to the Equality Act 2010 and requires employers of over 250 people to report:The proportion of men and women in each pay quartileThe Mean and Median gender pay gap in hourly payThe Mean and Median bonus gender pay gap, and the proportion of men and women receiving a bonus paymentThis is different from the wider terms of the Equality Act which ensures parity in pay for men and women in the same role. Mean & Median Pay GapThe mean pay gap compares the average pay for women with the average pay for men. The median gender pay gap is the difference between women’s median hourly wage (the middle-paid woman) and men’s median hourly wage (the middle-paid man). DeclarationI confirm that the data contained within this report is accurate and meets the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap reporting regulations.

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