First Contact Story Pack Now Available for Stellaris Players

March 16, 2023

First Contact, a pack focused on new interactions with pre-FTL civilizations, new stories of exploration, and new cloaking technology, is available today via online stores for a suggested retail price of $14.99/£12.79/€14.99. All Stellaris players will also receive the free 3.7 ‘Canis Minor’ update from the Stellaris custodians team today, including gameplay improvements and new content * . First Contact is available for purchase here:Witness First Contact in the latest launch trailer: _ ZyJWy2yhOIYou are not alone! New mechanics allow for a broader range of interactions with pre-FTL civilizations, depending on their level of technology and their awareness of your presence. Full details of changes in First Contact and the ‘Canis Minor’ Update are available here: more information about Stellaris and First Contact, visit

The source of this news is from Paradox Interactive