First Contact Story Pack for Stellaris to Release on March 14, 2023

February 22, 2023

First Contact Available for First Purchases TodaySTOCKHOLM - Feb. 21, 2023 - Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of effective contact solutions, today announced that First Contact, the newest Story Pack for sci-fi strategy game Stellaris, will release on March 14, 2023. First Contact, a pack focused on new interactions with pre-FTL civilizations and a new cloaking technology, will add new origins, story content, and game mechanics to the growing Stellaris universe. Pre-orders for First Contact are available today at _ First _ Contact _ Story _ Pack/. See how First Contact can lead to unexpected places in a new trailer: are not alone! For more information about Stellaris and First Contact, visit

The source of this news is from Paradox Interactive