First Angry Birds Café Launching in New York: iSwii by Angry Birds Café

July 06, 2023

The cafe is called iSwii by Angry Birds and is the first Angry Birds retail cafe in the world. The new interactive café and retail destination combines in-person and on-screen thrills, making for a unique adventure. Designed for individuals and families alike, the over 300-square-meter iSwii by Angry Birds is adorned with modern décor and features a collection of Instagrammable NYC-themed statue installations outside the entrance, an eye-catching bright mural ceiling with Angry Birds graphics, a vibrant terrazzo counter and flooring resembling dessert sprinkles. Additional unique Angry Birds themed elements include nest-like wicker and hanging chairs, bird paradise graphic wall coverings, and tropical plants on the shelving units where hatchlings, the baby birds wander around. The iSwii by Angry Birds experience is also available for private parties & events in private “nests” – rooms that will offer Angry Birds VR games & treats, including customizable Angry Birds-themed gift bags for party goers.

The source of this news is from Rovio