Final Results: Requirements met for Sega Europe to acquire Rovio Entertainment Corporation

August 10, 2023

In April, we shared the news that Sega Europe Limited announced a recommended cash offer to Rovio shareholders and option holders, and that shareholders holding approximately 49.1 percent of the outstanding shares and votes in Rovio, had agreed to accept the offer. Sega Europe’s primary conditions for the completion of the offer included the offer being approved by the relevant regulatory bodies, and that Sega Europe would be able to acquire at least 90% of Rovio’s shares. Today, the final results of the offer have been released. In total, Rovio shareholders have tendered 73,397,174 shares, which amounts to 96.3% of all issued and outstanding Shares and votes in Rovio. Sega Europe is commencing a “Subsequent Offer Period” to provide those shareholders of Rovio who have not yet accepted the offer with a further possibility to accept the offer.

The source of this news is from Rovio