Expand to new platforms and take your games direct-to-consumer • TechCrunch

January 05, 2023

Many of the industry’s top video game companies are putting more resources into going direct-to-consumers. Walled gardens are evolving, user acquisition costs are rising, and the value proposition of platforms is changing against this challenging backdrop. Whether you’re looking to expand your own video game business or simply curious about what lies ahead for the business of games, then this session will provide some valuable bits of information supported by real-world data and examples. SpeakerChris Hewish | President, XsollaChris Hewish, President of Xsolla, is an award-winning and well-respected Interactive Executive and Studio Head with experience driving operations and go-to-market strategies across all segments of the video game industry. An avid gamer, Chris leveraged that passion into a successful career making games.

The source of this news is from Xsolla