Evolving Niantic AR Mapping Infrastructures

September 06, 2023

At Niantic, we build and leverage emerging technologies to enrich and enhance our shared experiences as human beings in the physical world. Our games and applications incentivize people to explore the world, and our development of new tools, services and workflows evolve to support our growing platform business. What makes our work truly unique is the contributions our players and users make by scanning locations of their favorite places to play around the globe. Those millions of scans allow us to map the world for everyone, creating human-centric 3D maps of the most interesting places to explore. With a large number of scans (short videos of public locations, please refer to our blog post for more details) submitted daily from all over the world, we need scalable, high-performance, efficient and reliable pipelines to process and build 3D maps from these scans.

The source of this news is from Niantic