Cyberpunk 2077 Follow-up, codenamed Project Orion, grows in strength at CD PROJEKT RED North America!

February 06, 2024

CD PROJEKT RED has announced several high-profile additions to the team working on Project Orion — the anticipated follow-up to Cyberpunk 2077 being headed up by the US and Canada-based CD PROJEKT RED North America. Ryan Barnard’s past credits include Game Director at Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft, as well as Gameplay Director at Hitman developer IO Interactive. Alexander Freed will further bolster the writing for Project Orion. As work on the follow-up to Cyberpunk 2077, codename Project Orion, enters early stages of development at CD PROJEKT RED North America, the company is currently hiring for various positions across its Boston and Vancouver locations. The full list of open job openings is available on the official CD PROJEKT RED website and will be further updated once new openings become available.

The source of this news is from CD Projekt