Crusader Kings III: Royal Court Coming to Consoles

March 31, 2023

Soon, Crusader Kings III players will have new ways to manage their courts and build the most prestigious dynasty in history. Royal Court is a major expansion for Crusader Kings III, the award-winning grand strategy role-playing game set in the Middle Ages, coming to XBox Series X|S consoles and Playstation® 5 on 17 May, 2023. _ xcFeatures of Crusader Kings III: Royal Court include:Throne Room: Available for king and emperor characters, this is a visual representation of your royal court, reflecting all the accumulated majesty and prestige of your dynasty. Hold Court: Interact with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking a royal judgement. Crusader Kings III: Royal Court will be available for Playstation® 5 and Xbox Series consoles on 17 May 2023.

The source of this news is from Paradox Interactive