Cloud Imperium Financials for 2020

January 05, 2023

OverallThe 2020 accounting shows that Cloud Imperium grew more rapidly in 2020 than any time since the year following its inception, with an almost 60% increase in pledges and subscription income. SummaryIn 2020, Cloud Imperium continued to grow its expenses and company profile. This shows that salary costs increased in both territories, by 11% in the Rest of World territories and 10% in the US. Other game development costs (overheads)Other game development costs, representing the costs of operating the various studios and including such expenses as office rental and maintenance, travel and accommodation, IT, and other costs not included elsewhere, reduced by 2% to $8.8M. Contracted Game Development CostsThese represent the costs of contracted services supporting game development work.

The source of this news is from Cloud Imperium Games