Champion Insights: Smolder

January 09, 2024

Concept artist Oussama “Riot Whiteleyth” Agazzoum did some intensely adorable concept art explorations to figure out exactly the kind of cute that Smolder should be. That last one resonated with a lot of the team members, but we didn’t want Smolder to feel bratty or unlikeable. While Smolder is League’s only young dragon, he’s in good company with other dragon champs, namely Shyvana and Aurelion Sol—or as Smolder calls him, Mr. Airy Lion Soul. Meeeeee!”But before he learned about his imperial dragon heritage, Smolder was separated from his mother after being stolen by Noxian beastmasters. This is also where the name Smolder comes from, because what imperial dragon names their heir Smolder?

The source of this news is from Riot Games