Building the real-world metaverse

January 05, 2023

I joined Niantic 3 years ago because I believe that video games can be more than a couch experience and the metaverse should not be confined to your living room. It wasn’t just that Niantic is working on AR and games that attracted me; it is the combination of pairing games with the physical world and the challenge of building the underlying infrastructure that brought me here. There are many other companies building their vision of a fully-rendered artificial metaverse experienced in a headset, but the real-world metaverse that we’re building at Niantic is different and it’s everywhere. It occupies the space you’re in right now and all of the places you go. When our vision is fully realized, you will be able to use your mobile phone or your AR glasses to see that these augmented experiences are all around you, waiting for you to discover them.

The source of this news is from Niantic