Artists and fans collaborate in the metaverse for a collective songwriting session

June 09, 2023

Music producer Alex Karlsson – known for his work with K-pop acts including BTS, SuperM and Enhypen – caught up with hundreds of fans for a collaborative songwriting session in the metaverse, during our most recent demo event. Alex, joined by fellow producer Middle Milk, used the event to shine a light into his creative process – and invited fans to contribute to that process by writing a brand-new track together. Ideas came thick and fast, with fans voting on every aspect of the song. Alex used our new MML (Metaverse Markup Language) to quickly turn ideas into reality. Though a large number of fans were contributing, the versatility of MML as a creative tool allowed the music producer to quickly iterate on ideas and create a demo in hardly any time.

The source of this news is from Improbable