PS Project Manager 游戏玩家支持项目经理

Keywords Studios
June 23, 2023
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
Working address:N/A
Contract Type:Other
Working Time:Negotigation
Working type:N/A
Ref info:N/A

The successful candidate will be the best liaison between overseas PS team and Chinese local production team. Provide market information to PS management team and prompting setting up Chinese PS team. Manage one or multiple projects. The role assumes responsibility for the initiation and delivery of these projects on time and on budget to a client's standards and guidelines. Client location may be anywhere in the world. As a PM they may be assigned to clients of large scope/high value and required to support/train other PMs. The key responsibilities may vary during peak business periods, absences or workload fluctuations, and support to management as required.


  • As the main POC with overseas Player Support team. Assist PS Management team explore Chinese market 作为海外玩家支持团队在中国的主要联络人;协助管理层探索中国市场
  • Provide China market information. Promote PS team setting up in China 提供中国市场行业信息,推动建立中国玩家支持团队
  • Assume full ownership on assigned projects and make sure clients' expectations are met, assigning a team accordingly and if needed reasonably adjust processes and setups 作为团队主负责人合理分配团队任务,确保满足客户期望。根据需求合理调整流程和设置
  • In cooperation with the Business Development Management Team, assess scope for new projects and prepare estimates, quotes and case studies for clients 与业务拓展团队合作,评估新项目的规模,为客户准备报价和案例研究
  • Advise clients on best practices and agree on project processes and timelines 为客户提供最佳实践建议,并就项目流程和时间安排达成共识
  • Prepare schedules and liaise with the Team Leads and facilities based on availability and suitability for the project 根据项目的可行性和适用性,估算项目用时并与组长和行政支持紧密配合
  • Manage day-to-day client interaction in conjunction with Leads and assigned team 每日与组长和指定团队协作,维护、管理客户关系
  • Act as client contact at a management, workflow and strategy level on assigned projects 在管理、工作流程和战略层面上担任项目的客户联系人
  • Participate in designing and improving processes, methodologies and tools 参与设计和改进工作流程、方法及工具
  • Define and take part in pre-start workflow and division of team responsibility 项目启动前,确定工作流程和团队责任分工
  • Assign roles and coordinate workflow within the project team 分配团队角色并合理安排工作流程
  • Communicate department software and hardware requirements to the appropriate point of contact 将部门的软件和硬件要求传达给适当的联系人
  • Ensure the project is financially successful, and accurate financial reports / invoices created and delivered to the client on time 确保项目盈利,按时交付客户准确的财务报告和发票
  • Set up and maintain projects in internal financial database system 在内部财务数据库中创建并维护项目
  • Provide relevant and thorough briefings to the Team Leads and agents and ensure that the overall project strategy and client expectations are understood by all members of the teams while maintaining a good project culture 维持良好团队工作氛围,向组长和代理商提供详实的简报,确保所有团队成员了解整体项目战略和客户期望
  • Understand contracts, the necessary deliverables, and conducting change orders 了解合同以及必要的成果交付,并根据需要进行调整
  • Track, manage and analyze performance and KPIs of the project 跟踪、管理和分析项目绩效和关键绩效指标
  • Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential risks, and devise contingency plans 积极主动地管理项目范围的变更,识别潜在风险,并制定应急计划
  • Ensure appropriate quality control procedures are carried out on all projects 确保并把控所有进行项目的质量
  • Ensure project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately 确保项目文件是完整且最新的,并储存在适当位置;
  • Report project statuses and information on a regular basis, including creation of MBR/QBR/ABR, as well as assisting leads with WBR feedback 定期报告项目状况和信息,包括创建 MBR/QBR/ABR,以及协助领导进行WBR反馈
  • Where necessary participate to recruitment efforts for defining expectations and interviewing Members 必要时参与招聘工作,以确定招聘需求并参与面试环节
  • Capable to use client or industry tools (CRM/Backend), and where necessary create views, reports and streamline workflows 能够使用客户或行业工具(CRM/Backend),并在必要时创建视图、 报告以简化工作流程
  • Initiate milestone reviews and post project reviews and action any process changes/improvements accordingly 启动节点审查,并在项目审查后采取行动,相应地调整流程
  • Develop and foster lasting relationships with client personnel 发展和培养与客户的持久合作关系
  • Continually seek opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships 深化客户关系,持续提升客户满意度
  • Facilitate team and client meetings effectively, including during the kick off phase 有效促进团队并主持客户会议,包括在启动阶段
  • Resolve and/or escalate project or HR issues in a timely fashion 及时解决、上报项目或人力资源问题
  • Maintain and communicate Team Leads' and agents' performance records, including providing feedback and mentoring on an ongoing basis 维护并沟通组长和代理人的业绩记录,包括不断提供反馈和指导
  • Adhere to all Keywords policies, processes and security 遵守熠文集团所有政策、流程和安全规定
  • Assist with or lead the training of project managers. As well as provide help and coaching to them on an ongoing basis 协助或领导项目经理的培训工作,以及持续为他们提供帮助和辅导
  • Lead large scale/high value projects with multiple PMs and deliver a strategic vision for the project 管理涉及多个项目经理的大规模/高价值项目,并为项目提供战略愿景
  • Provide assistance on appropriate renumeration management and adjustment for assigned staff 协助对指定员工进行薪酬管理和调整;
  • Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years' experience in a Project Management, or Client support management in the Video Games or related industry 至少在视频游戏或相关行业有3年以上项目管理或客户支持经验
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English 优秀的英语口头和书面交流能力
  • Proven experience with domestic clients in China 与中国客户合作经验丰富
  • Experience leading the launch of a support project / operation 有管理、支持项目/行动成功落地的经验
  • Must possess ‘can-do' attitude 擅长自我激励,具备 "能做 "的态度
  • Strong client relationship management and negotiation skills 强大的客户关系管理和谈判技巧
  • Agility, versatility, capacity to embrace change 敏捷、多才多艺、拥抱变化的能力
  • Ability to work effectively and decisively under pressure 抗压能力强,并在压力情境中能有效和果断地开展工作
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and multiple project types concurrently 多任务或多项目综合处理能力
  • Ability to effectively manage a team and act as a role model to team members 能够有效地管理团队,并成为团队的核心灵魂人物
  • Highly organized with the ability to prioritize tasks 较强组织能力,灵活安排任务优先级
  • Ability to prepare and control a work schedule and deliver to budget, on margin and experience with financial aspects of a project 有能力管理并实施工作计划,并按预算和利润率交付
  • Ability to prepare, interpret, and effectively utilize management information reports 合理、有效管理信息报告的能力;
  • Ability to analyze problems, recommend and implement effective solutions 分析问题能力强,并能够提供强有力的建议或解决方案;
  • Is a leader, capable of rallying teams to achieve common goals together and inspire success in others 能够领导团队实现共同目标,擅长鼓舞员工
  • Awareness of the bigger picture, considers the project, client, company, and team when making decisions 有大局意识,在做决定时能综合考虑到项目、客户、公司和团队
  • Actively approaches others for their ideas and suggestions 积极沟通,能听取他人的想法和建议
  • Resolves conflicts with tact and maturity 巧妙和成熟地解决冲突
  • Demonstrates a keen eye for errors/inconsistencies in both their own and others contribution, highlighting or amending these as appropriate 敏锐地发现差异,并适当地强调或修正这些不恰当之处
  • Advanced skills with MS Excel or Google Sheets 熟练掌握MS Excel或谷歌表格的高级功能
  • Experience with working in an international environment 具有在国际环境中工作的经验
  • Experience managing people leaders, ability to give appropriate direction, guidance and create team spirit amongst other managers 具有人才管理经验,能够给予适当的引导以及与其他管理人员一起发挥团队精神
  • Experience with Zendesk or Helpshift or other major customer support tools 具有使用Zendesk、Helpshift或其他主要客户支持工具的经验
  • Desirable加分项

  • 5+ years of Game industry experience 五年以上游戏行业工作经验;
  • Formal Project Management techniques or training such as PMP 正式的项目管理技术或培训,如PMP
  • Benefits

  • Competitive salary and benefits 有竞争力的薪资和福利
  • Fun working environment 充满趣味的工作环境
  • Working with the biggest names in the gaming industry 与游戏界知名企业合作
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