Game Community Manager 游戏社区经理-远程办公

Keywords Studios
June 07, 2023
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
Working address:N/A
Contract Type:Other
Working Time:Negotigation
Working type:N/A
Ref info:N/A

We are looking for an experienced Community Manager to work on the certain projects of the clients in UK. As Community Manager, you will work closely with UK clients and interact with Chinese Players on the main gaming community platform. Community Managers with a proven track record can become Senior Community Manager. If the role is looking into working across projects, he/she can become Leads or eventually Project Managers for Community Management projects.



  • Make the pre-approved English content relevant for China and schedule / share on Discord, Twitter and local channels 根据汉语玩家语言习惯及特点,将游戏英文内容本地化。并在 Discord、Twitter 和中国本地频道上发布/分享

  • Create own local engagement and event ideas around the game and for its players in China 为该游戏及其中国玩家创建汉语社群,提供活动创意

  • Have a dialogue with the players through comments, questions, polls 通过回复评论,答疑,互动投票等形式与中国玩家产生互动与连结

  • Moderate Steam, especially the Chinese feedback and get the most important sentiments into a report 管理Steam平台,尤其是中文反馈,并将重要反馈信息纳入报告

  • Advice on platforms to be on (e.g. Bilibili, Weibo, WeChat, etc. for China) 对于如何做好中国本土频道提出自己的见解与建议(如,Bilibili、微博、微信等)

  • Own and moderate the local language channels on Discord, from making own suggestions to hosting China exclusive events 在 Discord 创建管理汉语频道,包括但不限于提出建议,举办本地特色活动

  • Requirements

  • Previous CM experience (like for example people moderating big Discord servers or content creators with their own streams / communities etc.) 具有一定的社区管理经验(例如管理大型Discord服务器经验、在自己的Streams/游戏社区创建内容经验)

  • Excellent Chinese and English communication (written and verbal) skills 优秀的中文英文沟通能力(书面和口语)

  • Confident to make recommendations for the Chinese market in front of the foreign clients 有信心为外国客户提供中国市场方面的建议

  • Analytical skills to draw conclusions from reports and statistics 具备一定的分析能力,善于从报告和统计数据中得出结论

  • Strong skills in organization, planning and problem solving 具有较强的组织、规划和解决问题能力

  • Ability to work in a transnational and multicultural business environment 能够在多元文化的跨国企业环境下工作

  • Strong anti-pressure ability; Ability to multitask and juggle several responsibilities simultaneously 较强的抗压能力; 有能力同时处理多项任务和职责

  • Benefits

    Base salary, social insurance and housing funds, year-end bonus, flexible benefits after 2 years of services


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