Jan 07 2023

Top 5 Game Platforms for Developer in 2023

Pete Alisher


As technology advances and allows for more engaging gaming experiences, the gaming industry is attracting more and more people. In addition to making phone calls, people now use their phones for gaming and watching movies. This increased interest in gaming will lead to more people working in the industry. With the large number of new games released every year, it is not surprising that game creation tools have also become more diverse. Game designers have a wide range of responsibilities, including art, design, programming, and production. In order to successfully create a game, developers need access to high-quality game development tools.


1. AppGameKit 


AppGameKit is a platform that simplifies the process of creating Android games for programmers by using the familiar programming language C++ and providing an easy-to-use interface. It is suitable for game designers of all skill levels. One of the most appealing and practical features of this platform is its ability to work on multiple systems, allowing games made with it to be played on several operating systems including iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. The pricing for this platform varies depending on the specific package chosen.


2. CryEngine 


CryEngine is renowned for its impressive graphics, making it the ideal platform for creating visually stunning games. Its Flowgraphs tool is well-known among developers for helping to create visually striking game environments. While it may require some extra learning for newcomers, it ultimately helps produce a polished and high-quality gaming experience by providing a comprehensive collection of animation, graphics, and user experience elements. CryEngine is free to use and works on a variety of platforms.

3. Unity  


Unity is used by approximately 50% of the gaming market and is known for creating stunning 3D games in real-time. It has a user-friendly interface and offers clear tutorials for beginners, making it accessible for students and personal use for free. There are different pricing tiers for pro and enterprise use. In addition to its strong game development capabilities, Unity also allows for high-quality graphics and video, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Some of its standout features include graphical rendering, collaborative teamwork, and a modern runtime, providing game developers with a range of creative possibilities.


4. Titanium


Titanium, owned by Appcelerator, is another game development platform to consider. Using JavaScript, it is a well-organized system that can save time for developers. The free version has a single code base and user-friendly interface, making it easy for developers to create games without having to focus on learning different programming languages and tools. This may be particularly useful for younger developers who are interested in creating games but may not have as much experience with programming.


5. Amazon Lumberyard


As its name suggests, Amazon Lumberyard is a comprehensive game development platform that is part of the Amazon family of products. It is designed for creating games and connecting players, and includes features such as support for Twitch, a VR preview option, and a visual programming toolkit. Its integration with the reliable and secure AWS cloud infrastructure adds an additional layer of protection. Amazon Lumberyard is free to use, and also offers access to Adobe Photoshop. This platform is well-suited for creating AAA games.

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